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Moving the family dog is definitely not as simple as packing your belongings. There are a dozen rules you would never have heard of, when you are travelling with a pet, even more so if you are going to a whole new country. If you work with a specialist in animal relocation he would already be aware of the processes involved. There should be no doubt left in your mind now, that you need the services of an agent to help you.

Your pet is precious cargo; you won’t trust just anyone to move your dog 5,000 miles or even 5 miles. It’s extremely important that everything is taken care of ahead of time to make sure he has a stress-free relocation.

You do not have to handle any of the travel arrangements because it’s all taken care of for you. We know the best airlines to work with, the most reliable pick up and delivery services, as well as all the regulations and restrictions surrounding transporting animals.


If you are moving overseas, your new country of residence will have its own regulations regarding the importation and exportation of animals. You may recall our post on international pet travel and the fact that there is a good deal of paperwork that needs to be taken care of before your pet can enter a different country; some countries even require a pet passport! 

Apart from the paperwork, there may also be quarantine periods. We will make sure all of the required paperwork is in order and be able to debrief you on the country’s quarantine or other import policies. 

We are happy to answer any and every question you have to make you feel confident in our abilities as we are handling a very special family member. PCS relocation exists to make moving your pet a lot less stressful.

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