Why take one more task upon yourself when you can leave the packing, loading, transportation, and unloading in the capable hands of your local movers! The easiest way to lift some of the burden is to delegate the actual move itself. 


Moving from one country to another, sometimes across Continents can be a mentally challenging task for most individuals. Our team endevaours to make it a comfortable process by working hand in hand with each client to understand their needs and guides them on the restrictions / permissions required for household goods at the destination country.

Some businesses prefer to transfer the goods or the possession by their own may not have understood the bulbous backings of the moving companies. 

To reduce your burden and carry out the things at their own risk and tensions with the assurance of moving down the goods swiftly and smoothly, it is a smart and efficient way to hire a service provider like Aqua Relocations.


One of the most arduous tasks for any industrial organisation would be the moving of machinery in a safe yet efficient manner that will not hamper the workflow of employees and all concerned.

This is why it is advisable to leave such a task to machinery movers, and other relocation and dismantling experts, as they have the experience and knowledge required to transport heavy equipment.

Your pet is precious cargo; you won’t trust just anyone to move your dog 5,000 miles or even 5 miles. It’s extremely important that everything is taken care of ahead of time to make sure he has a stress-free relocation.

We have moved all kinds of vehicles from sedans. SUV’s to high end Maserati’s, Porsche’s etc. with utmost care and precision.


Stress-free relocation for professionals, families and employees

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AQUA Relocation is a company with diverse interests in Logistics, Shipping & Freight Forwarding. Headquartered in Bahrain with presence across the Middle east and in India, AQUA Relocation brings with it over 20 years of experience in shipping services across the region

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