Heavy Construction Equipment Movers

Heavy Equipment Movers

Nowadays the used heavy equipment can satisfy the construction needs. They satisfy the needs in various forms like new heavy machinery, used heavy-duty equipment or even leasing or renting. One should ensure first that the used heavy equipment bought should be of high quality and would be safe to use. All companies do not sell the used heavy equipment but do definitely tell from where they could be purchased.

One of the most arduous tasks for any industrial organisation would be the moving of machinery in a safe yet efficient manner that will not hamper the workflow of employees and all concerned.

This is why it is advisable to leave such a task to machinery movers, and other relocation and dismantling experts, as they have the experience and knowledge required to transport heavy equipment.


Aqua Relocation offers turnkey packages to their customers who more often than not come from the manufacturing and industrial production sectors. These packages include project management, machinery auditing, equipment dismantling and disconnecting, packing, lifting, loading and shipping.

Once the machinery has reached its new premises, the movers will also take on the responsibility of unloading, assembling, connecting, checking and even carrying out a dry run to ensure that the equipment is in proper working condition. As such, Aqua Relocation  machinery movers are able to take the tension and stress away from major relocation.

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