Important Traveling Tips When Traveling to Middle East

Cannot choose between Europe and Asia as your travel destination this year? Are you willing to respect strict rules during your vacation? Then, choose a Middle East location for your trip!

Advisable “not to”
Do not import guns and pornography materials into Middle East countries. Avoid planning your trip during Ramadan as it will be extremely difficult to find businesses open or even some means of transportation.

No to drug traffic
Do not even attempt to bring in or consume drugs in one of Middle East countries. If caught, you will be arrested and will face even death penalties in countries such as Bahrain or Egypt.

Visas and special access
Visas are needed to visit the countries in the Middle East. Laborious procedures are sometimes necessary in order to get all the paperwork done properly. Some countries will even deny access if the traveler already has a visa for Israel. Moreover, countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia are closed for tourism, unless a traveler is sponsored by a local company or a native.

Dress code
Both men and women need to observe a strict dress code: no short skirts or shorts are to be worn in the street, and only conservative clothing is allowed.

Food and drink
Dishes are very similar in the Middle East countries. Kebabs, flat breads and shawarmas are available almost everywhere. Middle East is known for its dry and hot climate; hence dehydration and heat stroke may occur. Drink treated and bottled water, as the tap water in certain regions may be too saline. On the other hand, alcohol consumption is not allowed in all restaurants and bars, and during Ramadan.

There are strict currency regulations. Tourists have to declare all currency upon arrival and account for all currency carried at departure. Some countries do not allow the use and carry of Israeli currency.

Hazardous areas
Every day, the conflict areas in the Middle East make the headlines of newspapers. Several countries in the region are to be avoided as they are ranked as highly dangerous areas.

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