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Moving to or from Abu Dhabi Corniche, a scenic waterfront promenade in Abu Dhabi, requires careful planning and coordination. A popular relocation destination, Abu Dhabi attracts thousands of expats every month. Brought to the UAE by work opportunities, it’s popular with those looking for new experiences in the middle east.

With the hot summer months regularly reaching temperatures of well over 40°C as well as sandstorms, many prefer to move to the emirate in the winter. During winter months the mild weather (around 15°C) can make this the perfect time to move.

Once you have decided on moving to Abu Dhabi it’s important to begin the Visa application process. Which Visa is appropriate for you will be highly dependent on your country of origin. Most visa applications require a sponsor, and it is always best to engage an immigration specialist to help you with this process.


Once a temporary work permit is secured, you can legally work. However, you will need to begin the process of obtaining a residence permit. Information about the processes applicable to your circumstances is available from the Abu Dhabi Embassy or General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). All supporting official documents required in the Visa process must be translated/provided in Arabic.

For visitors coming to see you, they will need a tourist entry visa. These need to be applied for ahead of time, although some county’s residents can apply on entry. It’s important to check which applies to you ahead of time. Once a tourist visa has been obtained you can stay in Abu Dhabi for 30 days and enjoy exploring the country, and it can be renewed for another 30 days. Once your visa is secured, you must prioritise getting an Emirates ID card. This is necessary for almost everything in Abu Dhabi, so this should be your priority.

Like most places, the more central you live, the more it costs. You will pay a real premium for city centre living. Because of this, areas like Al Reem outside the centre are increasingly popular. You’ll need to start your home search as soon as you know your moving date and be prepared for a change from what you’re used to.

Getting around in Abu Dhabi is made much easier by the good transport links. Whether you choose to drive yourself, hire a driver or use public transport, there are numerous ways of getting about. Public transport is both affordable and easy to use – there are even specialist form of transport for women and children. So, your choice of home shouldn’t be limited by poor transport links.

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