How to Organize Commonly Forgotten Items During a Move?

Moving and packing is an exciting event and for some, very stressful. You will have to plan ahead to determine which moving company’s professional service you will hire; then comes segregating things you need to take with you and those you will discard. If you have pets, you will have paperwork to consider and also take care to ensure your pet has a stress free travel. Further, you also have to consider what is available and those items for which you need to arrange well in advance in your new location.

You will most probably not forget to pack the critical items such as your laptops or desktops including other important electronics without which you will not be able to function. However, inspite of the best efforts, as the time to relocate edges closer, you tend to rush to get things done. In between, there may be inadvertent delays you never anticipated. Under stressful situations, there are many common items that are usually missed during a relocation. So ensure that you verify the list more than once to confirm that you have everything you need.

Commonly Forgotten Items During a Move

Understanding the most common items forgotten during a move will ensure you are well aware of what to watch out for. They are usually left until the last minute or taken for granted, so you end up forgetting to take them in the first place. Prescriptions and medications are extremely critical and non-negotiable items that you should pack. So check all your medicine cabinets or other medical storage space to ensure your medicines are packed. While common medicines for cough or cold can be bought even in your new space, if you are on specific lifelong medication, then you must have that on you first thing during the move, maybe a backpack or handbag that you plan to carry with you on the final day.

Another crucial piece that people most commonly misplace or forget is the various documentation pertaining to your house or vehicles or any other financial/legal documentation that must be filed and packed. It is advisable to carry the documentation with you rather than packing it in boxes along with other items. There is a good chance that they can get misplaced during the transport. Further, always make a set of copies of all crucial documentation as backup just in case your original documents are missed during the relocation process.

A day prior to the final move, ensure you check the entire area including all storage spaces to make sure nothing has been left behind. Sometimes stressed pets can even hide in such areas. So allow time in your schedule to do one final thorough check. If you have given your clothes to the Dry Cleaners, make sure to collect them. During the excitement of the relocation, you may forget to collect any items you may have loaned to your friends or families in the area. So make a note of the items you have to reconfirm that they have been returned. Some items, you may want to ignore. Finally, do not forget to pack all your toiletries including your favorite shower curtains to help you set up your place immediately when you move in.

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