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Riffa is one of the major cities in Bahrain and is situated in the central part of the country. Riffa ranks second among the biggest cities in Bahrain. The city is divided into East Riffa and West Riffa. The former has many tourist attractions like the Riffa Fort, several shopping malls, and two primary shopping streets. The Royal Golf Club is a popular spot for golf players to gather and enjoy the sports. West Riffa is predominantly a residential area where the higher government officials and most members of the royal family live. The famous clock tower of Riffa is located in the center of West Riffa. Here are some key points about Riffa:

Residential and Commercial Hub: Riffa is known for its residential neighborhoods and is considered a commercial and economic hub. It has a mix of residential areas, commercial districts, and various amenities.

Riffa Fort: One of the notable landmarks in Riffa is Riffa Fort, also known as Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort. The fort has historical significance and is a popular tourist attraction.


Royal Golf Club: Riffa is home to the Royal Golf Club, which includes an 18-hole golf course. The club offers recreational facilities and is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts.

Education: Riffa is home to some educational institutions and schools. It is part of the broader educational landscape of Bahrain.

Shopping and Dining: Riffa has shopping areas and dining options, including local markets and international restaurants. Residents and visitors can find a variety of retail and dining experiences in different parts of the city.

Al-Riffa Sports Club: Riffa is known for its sports culture, and the Al-Riffa Sports Club is a well-known football club that competes in Bahraini football leagues.

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