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Muharraq is the third-largest city in Bahrain and is located on the northern tip of the island, adjacent to the capital city, Manama. The city, an important religious center in the country, is situated on the Muharraq Island. The island also hosts the Bahrain International Airport. Muharraq has the country’s most successful football club, the Muharraq Club and is also famous for its souq, traditional music, and arts. The man-made Amwaj Islands with beaches, hotels, and large buildings are also located in Muharraq. Here are some key points about Muharraq:

Historical Significance: Muharraq is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It was the country’s capital in the past and has preserved many historic buildings and sites, including traditional Bahraini houses, mosques, and the Arad Fort.

Pearling Industry: Historically, Muharraq was a center for the pearling industry, which played a crucial role in Bahrain’s economy. The city has a Pearling Path, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which showcases the pearling history of the region.


Souq Al-Qaisariya: This is one of the traditional markets (souks) in Muharraq where visitors can experience Bahraini culture and find various goods, including handicrafts and traditional products.

Al Muharraq Club: Muharraq is home to the Al Muharraq Club, one of the most successful football clubs in Bahrain. The club has a strong fan base and competes in domestic and regional competitions.

Isa Town: Muharraq is connected to Isa Town, a suburb known for the Bahrain International Circuit, which hosts Formula One races and other motorsport events.

Bahrain International Airport: Muharraq is home to Bahrain International Airport, which is a major gateway to the country and the primary airport serving both Muharraq and Manama.

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