Advice on Your Office Relocation in UAE

Office relocations, no matter how large or how small, involve a number of challenges. With the current economic climate, many companies are looking to downsize or consolidate premises. This is simple in theory, but to make your office relocation successful, AQUA relocation brings in a lot of thought and hard work.

As with most things in life, preparation is the key. It is fair to say that there are instances where a great amount of advance notice is not possible due to sensitive issues with employees, or confidentiality in relation to competitors. However, you should start involving the relevant contractors, departments and employees at the earliest possible chance.

Whether your relocation is a small internal ‘churn’ move or a complete relocation to another building there are many aspects to consider. Dealing with individual contractors for the many tasks involved in relocating can be hard work and very time consuming. 

You can now hire AQUA Relocation specialists who will project manage the move and all the other tasks associated with it. One great advantage of AQUA Relocation specialists is there will be one point of contact between the client and the contractors. Any changes to the original plan will only have to be communicated once.

AQUA Relocation audits include furniture, to note quantities and sizes, or any special requirements such as safes, and network audits, to ensure sufficient ports and cabling. 

AQUA Relocation site surveys will take into account such things as parking, building access and lifts. These may be simple things, but they could result in problems if they remain unchecked.

AQUA Relocation will make sure to have your presence on site on the first working day after the move. 

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