Packing Techniques


The furniture would be protected with adequate cushioning in the form of hard board sheets, corrugated pads and hi-gauge plastic. Special attention would be paid to the delicate corners and edges, which may necessitate reinforcing with additional packing material (padding). Furniture that can be dismantled and reassembled would be taken apart before packing the same as described above. For all items of furniture desiccants like silica gel would be inserted to pre-empt any possible soiling that may take place on account of moisture, condensation on the surfaces of the furniture.

Fragile Items

Crockery/China/Crystal/lamps and other breakables would be wrapped in tissue paper, white craft paper and then stacked upright in special crockery sturdy cartons, which would be lined with white paper for additional cushioning.


Clothing would be packed into wardrobe cartons that are either lay down or upright. Naphthalene balls wrapped in tissue paper would be placed in the cartons to protect the clothing against pests before sealing of the carton. While we do everything possible to protect clothing there is no guaranteed method of transporting clothing that eliminates the possibility of wrinkling or creasing and one should expect that some pressing will be required at destination.

Special Packing

All books and heavy articles would be packed into smaller book sturdy cartons lined with hi-gauge plastic/plastic bags. Silica gel would be inserted in the carton before sealing to avoid moisture and dampness.


Carpet or rugs will be rolled and not folded before being wrapped with hi-gauge plastic and hi ply corrugated sheets. Once again, naphthalene balls wrapped in tissue would be used for protection.

Electronic Items

Computers/Computer peripherals and electronic items such as television, music system VCR, Microwave etc would be wrapped in air bubble and white Kraft paper before being placed in our customized cartons in which silica gel sachets would be placed to protect the equipment from moisture.

CD’s/VCD’s/DVD’s would be wrapped in white craft paper and placed into smaller book sturdy cartons lined with hi-gauge plastic/plastic bags and cushioned with white craft paper for additional cushioning. Silica gel would be inserted in the carton before sealing to avoid moisture.



All pictures/ paintings, mirrors, glass tops/shelves would be wrapped in air bubble, white kraft paper, hardboard sheets before being placed in tailor-made wooden cases that would be pre-fabricated at out warehouse and brought to the residence. Canvas Paintings will be first wrapped with the wax hardboard sheets, then wrapped again in air bubble/hi-gauge plastic and corrugated pads while silica gel being placed before placing it into tailor-made wooden cases.


Vehicles are usually moved using Car Carriers with adequate lashing and padding to prevent any transit damage. The vehicles will be lashed with wooden blocks at the wheels and laced at the end of the container.

Custom Made Crates

Wooden crates are prepared based on the customised dimensions of the fragile items with the best quality of wood and plywood.